Friday 2 May 2014


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SEATERRA (2014) is chosen for this Biosolids Vortex [BSV] review by GRC as a comparison project to the CP3 SVS-IHHI 2007 enterprise. In both cases the matter is water integrity : just as H2O is relevant to the Athabasca Tar Sands developments; and, to the Kitimat Clean Refinery proposals and alternatives. (see also Chevron & Apache LNG)  At the end of the day, each of the projects is about human stewardship of Gaia / Mother Nature ... And, we need to begin to get it right ... for Mother; and, for the children. In all projects there is controversy; and, there are tears. The CRD Seaterra and the STT CP3 are about Life On Earth. Siem'stum is hul'qumi'num' for Respect. Gaia's elasticity is not unlimited.

In synopsis, there is truly nothing that we can adversely do to Earth that will alter the course of the universe. It will end in some fashion; evolving through creation; turning back to iron; and, entering into another paradigm. BUT, this is not to say that we should stop warning our children against the hazards of fire or water ... AND, it is surely, no to forget to be thankful ... The challenge is that of understanding science and technologies in matter of integrity : truth and duty versus commercial opportunity for profit ... Truth is always relative.

Hence, in this BSV review, the mission is to ensure that benchmarks are observed through transparency in a "for-profit humanitarian" ethic.